Who Is Catlady?

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im a lady who loves cats...yes! but i also take photos, this is my photo|blog. so check it out... and if you like me? mail me!

catlady | laptop battle 7

Event Laptop Battle 7 at The Croft. 28th November 2009

Winner: Arctic Sunrise!

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catlady | cheeba

Event Cheeba with FFTT DJs - 27th November 2009

All proceeds went towards the Bristol convoy to deliver aid to Gaza, see http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=124192868276 for details.

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catlady|battlegrounds part deux

Photos from event - Battlegrounds | Motion on the 21st November 2009

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Tom - My 18 year old cat! This is what looking good at old age is all about!

catlady|visits DMT at Lakota

Photos from event - DMT | Lakota 14th November

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catlady|post-its and lists...

The lists are taking over...my project is slowly progressing. Here is some studio based work I carried out focusing on the idea of being swamped by a constant list of things to-do!!!


Jungle Jungle Jungle.

Photos from event Jungle Syndicate

6th November 2009

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Jungle Syndicate


Working on collecting Lists...any shape, way or form! I need your lists...

Please join and support: Save your lists!


Pending - A project based on my reaction to the word 'pending'...

Post-its - used for pending projects, 'to-do' lists and vital reminders...POST-ITs are pending.

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