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im a lady who loves cats...yes! but i also take photos, this is my photo|blog. so check it out... and if you like me? mail me!

catlady | blogspot vs tumblr

boo - i am using tumblr now
finding the interface a little more user friendly...
please follow meeee:

catlady | bfg

catlady | monkey knife fight

catlady | blurred vision

Blurred Vision at Lakota.

RCola and Psychofreud...

catlady | flying lotus

Epic set from Mr Lotus last night, and a brilliantly successful night for the Colours crew.

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catlady does a bristol wrong 'un

Wrong Music at The Lab, Bristol.

What a corker! Cracking sets from the likes of Doubtful Guest, Ebola and Squire of Gothos. Packed the whole night, this was definitely a tasty gone off treat!

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catlady | dread sessions

Dread Sessions at Motion Skatepark.

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catlady | champion sound

Champion Sound at Bristol's Lakota. An absolutely banging night feat. the brilliant Peter Bouncer, renowned vocalist of the classic Junglist tune...

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catlady | untitled

more information to follow...

catlady | DMT

DMT at Lakota, Bristol.
Featuring Million Dan, Ragga Twins and Ratpack.

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catlady in the deep dark jungle

Jungle Syndicate at the Croft, Bristol.
Bristol based jungle night threw a smashin' party celebrating many birthdays and special times were had by all!

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catlady loves remarc

Epiphany at Lab, Bristol, took place last night. I had a great time with performers Remarc, Headhunter and Sickman, who always deliver spanking performances, it was always gonna be a good night...

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catlady | This little piggy went to the market...

Went for a little visit to the 'City Farm', in St Werburgh's, whilst doing some photos for a friend earlier. I couldn't resist petting the gorgeous little piggy's!

The City Farm is such a great little tucked away adventure in Bristol, I love the area and all its little nooks n crannies!

catlady vs dolphin

Got this in Brighton town, a great shop called Snoopers Paradise. Most definitely a haven for little gems like this one!

Info on where to find it is here!

catlady | monkey! knife! fight!

Monkey! Knife! Fight! at the Old Fire Station, Bristol. Promoted by the production company that makes E4 series Skins, the night was filled with a host of djs and bands, from Bristol and around the globe, inc, Brooklyn's very own Drop The Lime!

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catlady | bring back oneseeeessss!

Bring back onesees!!
Quite possibly the most comfortable garment i've ever owned. Even if I do look a bit mental...comfort over style any day.

catlady | wrong

My first time ever in Brighton and I ventured to the Volks just along from the new pier...

Broken Note and King Cannibal delivered per-usual!

Great wrong vibes and plenty of tunage. LOVED Brighton to pieces but definitely require a bigger wad of cash next time!

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catlady | micro RAVE

micro RAVE held at the Old Fire Station, Bristol.
An exciting and new way to rave to chip tunes...make a team of video game characters and battle it out by dancing in the most appropriate gameboy manner.

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catady | drum disciples JAN 2010

Drum Disciples took place this weekend at Bristol venue - Motion.
Great night had by all with some fantastic music blaring from every speaker.

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catlady | list UPDATE

catlady | snow

Snow and bread.
I've been enjoying the New Year weather, wellington boots have been a must!

catlady | hip happy hearty new year